Personal data include all information that may refer to natural or legal persons, for example first and last names, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. Simple navigation and consultation of the website do not generally involve the gathering of the User’s personal data and only relate to the processing in anonymous form of so-called navigation data. In accordance with law, we inform the User that the personal data communicated and gathered in the context of the registration process are held and processed by Clickpoint for the purposes listed below.

  • The User’s data are gathered and processed for purposes associated with the proper provision of the Service and the correct implementation by Clickpoint of its contractual obligations towards the User. The personal data provided may be used, without limitation, for purposes of supplying the products and services requested; managing the obligations and rights which Clickpoint has assumed towards the User; making payments; administration; allowing access to the products and services.
  • Processing for the aforementioned purposes occurs manually or electronically, depending on the purposes for which the data are communicated.
    The User must provide personal data which are true and accurate and up-to-date for purposes of creating and managing the contractual relationship with Clickpoint and of utilising the Service.
    If the contractual relationship provides for a payment to be made to the User, Clickpoint will gather the relevant payment data from the User (e.g. current account number, IBAN or SWIFT).
  • The data-gathering will also be with a view to transferring the data in question to associated companies, subsidiaries, or companies carrying out functions closely connected with and instrumental to the Service that are also located outside the national territory.
    In the event that the User does not provide true, accurate, complete and up-to-dated personal data, Clickpoint will not be in a position to provide the Service.


Cookies are fragments of text sent by a server to a client (browser) and then sent back by the client to the server whenever the client accesses the same server. Cookies are used for purposes of authentication and tracking of sessions and for memorising specific information relating to Users who access the server. Clickpoint specifies that the data obtained from cookies are utilised by Clickpoint itself or by companies that collaborate with Clickpoint in order to ensure simpler and more immediate and rapid access to the Service, easier navigation on the site by the User and also for marketing purposes and for purposes instrumental to the Service. The data are not associated with the User receiving the cookie i.e. they are present in anonymous form. The user may always decide whether or not to accept the cookies of a particular website. These rules are defined autonomously by the User at browser level.

Rights of the User

The User may exercise his (or her) right to access his (or her) data and may request a copy of the information in question. In particular, the User is entitled to access his own data using a username and password (login) on the website, and to ensure the rectification of any incorrect data, the cancellation of data or the prevention of the use of data for commercial purposes (closing of account). Where the login function is not available, the User is entitled to exercise his rights by writing to privacypolicy AT


Clickpoint undertakes to maintain the security of all data gathered using the relevant technical and organisational tools. The safety measures are aimed at reducing to the minimum the risk of destruction or loss of data and the risk of unauthorised access, and they include the possibility of limiting access to the data to authorised Clickpoint personnel alone. Clickpoint employees and collaborators acknowledge that they are bound by standards of data security and data confidentiality.

Cancellation of data

All data is held only for a period of time strictly necessary for the purposes for which the data was gathered. Without prejudice to the right to immediately block the use of data for commercial and marketing purposes, it may prove necessary to hold the data for a further period of time for purposes of satisfying legal provisions or for accounting and administrative purposes.


In the future, modifications to this Privacy Policy may be introduced for purposes of ensuring ongoing compliance with applicable legal rules. We invite Users to carefully read the rules applied by ourselves for the gathering and processing of personal data.

Interest Based Ads and Retargeting

Interest Based Ads are based on the anonymous information stored in the User’s cookie. Clickpoint will provide more relevant advertising. For example a User that visits Finance sites often will be categorized in the “Finance” segment, and will be served advertisements that are relevant to the interests.
You may easily block Interest Based Advertising and Retargeting activities from Clickpoint by opting-out. To do so please visit this page.
Note that you are always able to prevent cookies from any website from being installed on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. Also, if the cookie is deleted by the User, all profile data is removed.

Applicable law and court of exclusive jurisdiction

The parties agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable legal rules and international agreements, any disputes that happen to arise shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the area in which the Clickpoint registered office is located.

Contact details for inquiries and requests

For inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy please send an e-mail to:

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