Clickpoint started its business in 2006, specializing in providing multi-platform online marketing solutions. From the very beginning we offered services based solely on proprietary technology, in order to guarantee quality and safety at the highest levels.

Today we operate in different markets in Europe and Latam, we represent one of the main meeting points between advertisers and publishers for collaborations based on a wide variety of revenue models (CPC, CPL, CPM and CPA) and for campaigns distributed via email, web, mobile, social and search. Being proactive and responding promptly to the needs of our partners and the evolving market are among our main goals.


Clickpoint Publishers are provided with a control panel accessible with ID and password, so they get the creatives, check their statistics and access the administrative documents.

We offer a wide range of data-feeds based on the XML protocol in order to facilitate collaboration through automation and automated data integration. Our adserving technology can automatically maximize eCPM, displaying offers that are best suited to each website audience, by leveraging our proprietary behavioral targeting platform.


Payments every 15 days:  Clickpoint has developed a mass-payment solution which can easily pay thousands of publishers in any country via IBAN and SWIFT. We automatically pay our publishers every 15 days! Every two weeks, the payable amounts in Euros are transferred through an automated process by using the bank information entered in the platform.

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